Rationale of GauKalp

We all know that in our surroundings, our climate, environment, or in the air wherein, we breathe, all kinds of Microorganisms exist at a given time but only those Microorganisms ( Bacteria, Virus, or Fungus, etc.) penetrate our immunity who are more potent than our immunity.  This clearly shows that on every second basis our immunity system counters and deals with enormous Microorganisms and hence, remain unaffected by those disease-causing Microorganisms and maintain our health.

Now, it's our moral duty to inhale healthy air to protect our lungs and hence build a rock-solid immunity, thereby empowering our Vital capacity.
Our Indian Ayurveda is such a powerful tool by which we can improve our immunity and the Vital capacity of our Lungs. 


At GauKalp, we have formulated an immuno-modulator combination of more than 34 pure hand-picked Herbs to empower our surroundings, immunity, and Vital capacity. 
GauKalp Dhoop sticks are hence a powerful tool to build strong immunity through Lungs and to Meditate also as it is pure and organic made up of Pure Cow Dung of Desi Gir Cows, Gaumutra Ark and not a single chemical being used as well.


GauKalp is a Jaipur, Rajasthan-based organization that has been built with a vision to spread the awareness of the importance of other bi-products other than the milk of indigenous cows  & how deep value these products are are are could be created in our lifestyle.


Our vision is to enlighten every individual we would interact with about the medicinal benefits that cow's bi-product can deliver.